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JoeClient is a chat client written in Java with optional SSL support. Designed for Naken Chat servers. Version 1.2 uses spiffy HTML rendering.

Download 1.2 (Jar/Source):

Download 1.0 (Jar):

Download 1.0 (Source):

c64 demo

naken_asm is a nice assembler, here is a c64 demo I did to test the 6502 support I was working on.


Rendera is a painting/retouching program for Windows (works under Wine on Linux also). It's pretty old, and not very robust but seems to work ok if you can figure it out. The name comes from the fact that it renders brushstrokes after you make them.

Rendera Website

Analog Alchemy

An electronics site mostly focusing on guitar pedals. Generously hosted by Aron Nelson.

Analog Alchemy Website


An shooter game I wrote in Java.

Play ShootSomeRocks Here


A MahJongg game I wrote in Java.

Play MahJongg Here

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